Silicon Village and a sneak peek of our mentorship program!

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What is Silicon Village?

Chovin and I have been chatting with an awesome group of people uniting under the Silicon Village flag that we met during Guam Hacktoberfest. Silicon Village was initially an effort born from the Guam Chamber of Commerce, but has now morphed into a more structured group of supportive people coming together to help drive and support the different IT initiatives across all demographics on Guam. We’re excited to pitch in and help with projects and events thrown by our buddies in SilVil, and will definitely be cross-promoting all their efforts and events!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on our meetings! Basically, the more community involvement, the more momentum we build and the more visible our efforts will be! To join the group, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

Mentorship program

2019 is here, and we are looking back at last year’s accomplishments and planning for the new year’s events and initiatives! One of the initiatives we’re excited to announce is our new mentorship program!

Many people have asked both Chovin and I the same questions–how can I progress in my field? What should I be studying? What skills are managers like you looking for? How can I tailor my resume to my specific sub-field in IT? The questions poured in moreso especially after Hacktoberfest, and while we could answer those questions for our specific fields, (I work in IT operations and Chovin specializes in programming and development), we thought about pointing people to our colleagues and friends with a variety of skill sets. Since some companies and universities have a mentorship program, we thought it was a fantastic idea to start one of our own and help pair our awesome network of local experts with eager learners, ultimately creating a tighter-knit IT/CS community on Guam and the Marianas.

How it works

  1. Individuals wishing to be mentored sign up under Code Fountain’s mentorship program.
  2. Code Fountain Institute assesses your skill level and desired career path.
  3. We match you with a seasoned mentor. Mentors may be locally or remotely located.
  4. You and your mentor work out a schedule for either 1-hour sessions, once a week, for four weeks, OR 30-minute sessions once a week, for eight weeks.

It’s that simple!

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor with Code Fountain, drop us a line; we’d love to have you! The more mentors we have, the more people we can help! How awesome is that?


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